Bideford Angling Club - Coarse Fishing Section

Bideford and District Angling Club offers all anglers, accomplished or novice, members or day tickets, the opportunity to fish its coarse fishing club lakes at Gammaton Moor, Bideford East.  The site has two man made, clay lined lakes on site. The first lake as you walk in is Georges lake, this lake is the oldest on site, as you walk around Georges you will eventually then access Karen’s lake, our newest addition to the coarse fishing experience.

The site, and construction of both lakes, has been financed by the Environment Agency in the form of grants raised from rod licence money, however a match funding was needed by the club to secure these. The site was opened in 2002 after a lot of fund raising and hard work by club volunteers.  Georges, is and always will be, a mixed fishery offering a wide range of species from Gudgeon to carp. The lake is now a very mature water, with stunning vegetation which offers exceptional natural surroundings for our wildlife and anglers to enjoy.

In 2013, the opportunity to offer our members something different within the site came around in the form of another grant from the EA.  This was presented to the club who accepted the challenge to create another lake specifically for our Carp Anglers. The funding was utilise to purchase another 4 acres of land, and to construct another lake (Karen’s). Construction started and the lake was constructed and finished in 2014. Since the construction we have experienced a few issues with water retention, or lack of it! But we didn’t give up and we now have a lake which is very close to completion.

We have always been very conscious of accessibility issues for disabled anglers in our area, we have embraced this and continue to improve access to all regardless of mobility.  The site offers full access disabled toilets, a large parking area, firm fine gravel paths, wheelchair friendly platforms and a picnic area if you just want to be outdoors and take in the surroundings.

The lakes are run by the coarse section secretary, and a very loyal sub-group who meet monthly to discuss lake issues, and try to deal with any as they arise. We also run weekly working parties at the site, normally on a Saturday morning from 0900, with a regular reliable bunch of volunteers, to complete the ongoing disabled access improvement work, general maintenance and the completion of Karen’s. Our working parties are a great opportunity to meet new people, learn new skills and offer our wider community a fishing complex at an affordable price.

Why not come along and meet with us to discuss the site or angling in general.



For more information on the Coarse fishing section why not check out the history page.